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"Wuthering Heights" (1992) Uma fiel adaptação do romance clássico de amor e paixão.

O conto intemporal de amor e paixão escrito por Emily Bronte ganha vida nesta
comovente versão para cinema interpretada por Juliette Binoche e Ralph Fiennes.
Filmado em exteriores naturais no Yorkshire, esta é a primeira versão para cinema a apresentar a história completa de Bronte de duas gerações das famílias Earnshaw e Linton, à medida que as suas vidas e os seus destinos se cruzam numa complexa teia, dominada pela relação passional entre os amantes amaldiçoados Heathcliff e Cathy. Fiennes oferece uma dinâmica interpretação como Heathcliff e Binoche é arrebatadora no duplo papel de Cathy Earnshaw e Catherine Linton, num filme que capta todo o poder do romance clássico.



The Dreamers is a 2003 drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The screenplay is by Gilbert Adair, based on his own novel The Holy Innocents. The film was an international co-production by companies from France, Italy and the UK.
The Dreamers tells the story of an American university student in Paris who, after meeting a peculiar brother and sister who are fellow film enthusiasts, becomes entangled in an erotic conflict. It is set against the backdrop of the 1968 Paris student riots. The film makes several references to various movies of classical and New Wave cinema, incorporating clips from films that are often imitated by the actors in particular scenes. The Dreamers was controversial for its depiction of nudity and sexual content, which garnered it an NC-17 rating in the United States. The primary language spoken in the film is English, though French and English are spoken interchangeably throughout.

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Lars von Trier's "Antichrist"

Antichrist is a 2009 avant-garde film written and directed by Lars von Trier, about a couple who, after the death of their child, retreat to a cabin in the woods where the male character experiences strange visions and the female character manifests increasingly violent sexual behavior. The film features only two actors, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe, with the sole exception of a child which is seen briefly in the beginning of the film. The narrative is made up of a prologue, four chapters and an epilogue. Primarily a Cinema of Denmark production, the film was co-produced with companies from five other countries.

After premiering at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, where Gainsbourg won the festival's award for Best Actress, the film has been controversial, with critics generally praising the film's artistic execution but strongly divided regarding its substantive merit, with opinions polarized. Other awards won by the film include the Robert Award for best Danish film, The Nordic Council Film Prize for best Nordic film and the European Film Award for best cinematography.

The film is dedicated to the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky.

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